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Monthly Competitions   2018

3JANUARY:   DPI Competition - (Open)      Judge -   

              Colour                                          Mono

1st:      Richard Betts - The Fallow Rut         Mick Naggington - Hoar Frost

2nd:    Gill smith - Remains of the Day              Bob Goode - Guitar Man

            Derek Wilbraham - Fox Glove                Robert Green - 1501 Token Exchange

            Lesley Betts - Black Tailed Godwit                                

            Lesley Betts - Common Red Darter

3rd:    Robert Green - Waiting to Depart          Barbara Jones - Pots and Pans

           Bob Goode - Pepper number nine          Peter Southwick - Norwegian Church

           Mieke Moss - Late Spring Yosemite       D Wilbraham - The Footbridge Croome

           Derek Wilbraham - Jenny Wren             Barbara Jones - Steam Punk

           Nigel Charnock - In the Harbour            John Charuk - Frozen Arched Grasses

FEBRUARY:   PRINT Competition - (Open)      Judge - 

                 Colour                                             Mono 

1st:        Mick Jennings - Shelsley Hill Climb

2nd:       Mieke Moss -  Yesterday When I Was Young       Gill Smith - The Stag

              Lesley Betts - Dawn on the Fens                      Barbara Jones -Amarylis

              Barbara Jones - Floribunda

3rd:      Bob Goode -    Barber Shop                                 Bob Goode - In the Spotlight

             Lesley Betts - Great Crested Grebe 2                 Derek Wilbraham - Raven Lane

MARCH:   DPI Competition - (Open)      Judge - 

                  Colour                                                Mono 

1st:     Lesley Betts   -  Black Tailed Godwit             Bob Goode  -  Vertigo

2nd:    Gill Smith  -  Lakeland View                          Bob Goode  -  Making a Splash

3rd:     Catharine Jarvis    The Link in the Chain      Nigel Charnock  -  The Old Soldier

APRIL:   PRINT Competition - (Open)      Judge - Alan Lawrence

                      Colour                                             Mono 

1st:       Mick Jennings - Harvest Mouse               Barbara Jones - In Disguise

2nd:      Gill Smitth - Timeless View                      Bob Goode - Groynes

             Gill Smith - Little Egret with Catch

             Barbara Jones - The Good Companions

3rd:     Bill Crumpton - World Wide Web              Barbara Jones - Symmetry

            Bob Green - Cafe in Florence

            Bob Goode - Evening Light

            Bob Goode - Leaving the Lock

            Bob Goode - Moonscape

            Mieke Moss - Parking Lot

            Lesley Betts - Great Crested Grebe 2

MAY:   DPI Competition - (Open)      Judge - 

              Colour                                                           Mono 

 1st:  Lesley Betts: Black Tailed Godwit at Dawn      Lesley Betts: The Beach Comber

2nd:   Lesley Betts: Wren Singing                             Lesley Betts: Serpentlike

3rd:    Don Fossey: A Forest Rose                             Nigel Charnock: Purity      

           Don Fosey: A Bridge for Sabrina                    Gill Smith: Nut Job

June:  PRINT Competition - (Open)      Judge - 

              Colour                                             Mono 

20 pts:     Mieke Moss: The Fishing Boat           Gill Smith: Wordsearch

19 pts:     Barbara Jones: Lavender Field            Bob Goode: The Eyes Have It

 18 pts:   Barbara Jones: Llanberis Pass           Gill Smith: Piazza Playmates 

                                                                    Barbara Jones: Symmetry

JULY:   DPI Competition - (Open)      Judge - 

              Colour                                             Mono 

   20 pts:   Catharine Jervis - The Beach                         Gill Smith - Severn Bridge through the Reeds

19 pts:      Barbara Jones - Red Spotted Amarylis          Catharine Jarvis - Happy in his Work        

18 pts:      Lesley Betts - Blacktailed Godwit at Dawn      Barbara Jones - Woodchips                                                                                     


AUGUST:   PRINT Competition - (Summer)      Judge - 

                   Colour                                                  Mono 

20 pts:       Lesley Betts - Fallow Deer Combat               Bob Goode - The Eyes Have It

                   Lesley Betts - Red Squirrel (2)

                   Gill Smith  -     European Hare

19 pts:   Catharine Jarvis - Grey Heron                         Bob Goode - Barber Shop

               Mieke Moss - Yesterday When I Was Young   Catharine Jarvis - Contemplating Life

                                                                                          Gill Smith - Time’s aTicking                                         



18 pts:  Lesley Betts - Great Crested Grebe (3)          Catharine Jarvis - Made to Measure                  

              Mieke Moss - The Fishing Boat                       Bob Green - Contemplation 

              Gill Smith - Ripping the Sky

SEPTEMBER:   DPI Competition - (Open)      Judge - 

                     Colour                                                        Mono 

20 pts:         Lesley Betts - Red Squirrel                               Lesley Betts - Dawn in the Reeds    

19 pts:         Lesley Betts - Red Eyed Damselfly                  Catharine Jarvis - Tree Pollen

18 pts:        Bob Goode - Mellow Morning                            Robert Green - 1501 Token Exchange

                   Catharine Jarivs - Otter

                   Gill Smith - Ambitious

OCTOBER:   PRINT Competition - (Open)      Judge - 

                         Colour                                             Mono 

20 pts:   

19 pts:   

18 pts: 

            PRINT OF THE YEAR   Competition  Judge -

                            Colour                                             Mono 




                         Commended                                                   Commended


                   DPI OF THE YEAR   Competition    Judge - 

                             Colour                                             Mono




                            Commended                                            Commended

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gallery/1st the fallow rut r betts
gallery/1st hoar frost m.nagington

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gallery/1st shelsley walsh hillclimb  mick jennings

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gallery/1st  black tailed godwit - l betts
gallery/1st vertigo - bob goode

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gallery/1st  harvest mouse - mick jennings
gallery/1st in disguise - barbara jones

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gallery/1ts  black tailed gdwit at dawn 4 - l betts
gallery/1st  the beach comber - l betts

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gallery/1st severn bridge through the reeds -  g smith

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gallery/1st dawn in the reeds - l betts

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