Announcements and Notices

Below is our Programme for this year. If you would like to print a copy please click HERE for a PDF document but the version below should be more accurate as it should reflect any changes to the original..................

Stourport Camera Club 2018

4th        Enrolment. Tutorial on Exhibition Entries. Peter Gennard
11th      Extraordinary A.G.M. M.R.C & Members' events of 2017
18th      Dr Steve Barratt-The Nature of Light (Lecture)
25th      DPI Competition-Judge: Brian Swinyard

1st        Studio Night - Still Life

8th        Heather Woodhams-Confessions of a Wedding Photographer-The Do's & Dont's (L)
15th      Battle v Beacon & Droitwich-Away (Beacon)
22nd     Print Competition-Judge: Mike Sharples


1st       Member's Night - First Half Bob Green plus MRC and Competition Critique by members
8th       Irene Froy-Light, Land & Atmosphere (L)
15th     MCPF Portfolio
22nd     DPI Competition-Judge: Peter Siviter
29th      Maundy Thursday- Club Social Night


5th       The Colin Peters Landscape Competition-Judge: Martin Fry
12th     Studio Night - M.R.C. & Competition Critique Evening
19th     Terry Livesey-Landscapes & How to Take Them (L)
26th     Print Competition-Judge: Alan Lawrence

3rd       Tony Gervis-Lecture
8th       Tuesday night - Hagley Challenge - Away
10th      Evening Out at Upton Warren. Birds and Beasts.
17th      Four related. Prints & D.P.I's plus MRC
24th      A Little Bit of This & A Bit of the Other-Mick Jennings & Malcolm Hodgetts
31st      DPI Competition. Judge: Jon Baker

7th       Mike Sharples-The Many Faces of China & A Few Happy Snaps (L)

14th     Battle V Kidderminster - Home-Judge: Phil Cooling
21st     Garden Photography at Richard & Lesley's
28th     Print Competition. Judge: David Lowe

5th       Evening Out. Landscape Photography
12th     Battle v Stourbridge-Home Judge T.B.C.
19th     Claire Carter - Perpetually in Motion (L)
26th     DPI Competition - Judge: Dr. Ann Sutcliffe

2nd      Evening out, venue T.B.C.
9th      Tony Winfield-Improve Your Picture Taking Skills-The Non-Technical side of Photography (L)
16th     Panel of 5 on one board plus showing of a BPE Exhibition
23rd     M.R.C. plus Competition Critique by memebers
30th     Print Competition. Judge: Peter Clark

6th       Trevor Brookes Flower Comp. (Prints) Judged by Members
11th     Tuesdasy night - Battle v Hagley - Away
13th     Evening with London Camera Exchange T.B.C.
20th     A Personal Response by Chris Palmer (L)
27th     DPI Competition. Judge: Peter Gennard

4th       Martin Fry. Cotswold & Cornish Cream A.V. (L)
11th     First Half Mieke Moss. M.R.C. & D.P.I. Critique
18th     Battle v Bridgnorth Home Judge: T.B.C
25th     Print Competition-Judge: Heather Woodhams

1st       AV Competition. Judge: T.B.C.
8th       A.G.M
15th     Print of the Year Competiton-Judge: Dave Tucker
22nd    DPI Competition of the Year-Judge: Louise Hill
29th     James Boardman-Woodend and Darren Leeson- Mini Lessons (L)

6th       Match the DPI-Judge: Trevor Bell
13th     M.R.C and Competition Critique Evening
20th     A.V. Show of the Year's Activities.
27th     Christmas